2 – Goodridge Block




James Goodridge owned this city block, and, with his son Leonard Goodridge, developed a street of harmonious Edwardian buildings. Leonard was the developer-of-record for the commercial Goodridge Block, which housed a menswear store, barbershop, wine, liquor and cigar store, and pool hall.


Many Edmontonians remember the City’s largest hardware store here – W.W. Arcade (1932-1991). An cornucopia of delights, the main floor and basement were stocked to the rafters with building, plumbing, heating and repair supplies – even cheap housewares, like the now-collectible Fire-King brand! After the building’s $2.3 million restoration, the Hardware Grill opened in 1996.


Sources: Edmonton Heritage Council“The Block Leonard Goodridge Built” by Lawrence Herzog

Photo Credit: City of Edmonton