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Honourable Lois E. Hole, 2003

Location: Stanley Milner Library (interior, past the customer service desk and turn left)

The Honourable Lois E. Hole was one of Alberta’s most well-respected and much-loved persons. After founding Hole’s Greenhouses with her farmer husband Ted Hole in 1979, Lois made a name for both the greenhouse and herself through numerous best-selling gardening books, including I’ll Never Marry A Farmer (Hole’s, 2000). The former University of Alberta Chancellor was known as the “Queen of Hugs” due to her warmth and the way she eschewed protocol while serving as Alberta’s Lieutanant Governor. Many Albertans considered her a friend and felt great loss when she died of cancer in 2005.

This portrait was unveiled by the Lieutenant Governor in October, 2003 to spotlight the Lois Hole Library Legacy Program. This program encourages supporters to make cash donations to libraries to build collections and create awareness of the profound impact libraries have on communities.

Notably, the background of this portrait features a small photograph of Her Honour with her husband Ted, and a bust of Ralph Garvin Steinhauer (Lieutenant Governor of Alberta from 1974-79).

Source: Edmonton Public Library

Photo Credit: Ester Malzahn