16 – Alley of Light Art Boxes

Alley of Light Art Boxes

Location: South wall of the Armstrong Block Building,10125-104 Street



The Places and the City of Edmonton launched the Alley of Light Art Boxes in February 2017. Particularly captivating at night, ten illuminated boxes host changing exhibits of local photographers work. The current exhibit features A Quiet Resilience by Edmonton-based photographer Tegan B, invited by the exhibit curator Eleanor Lazare.


The Exhibit: 

“I selected Tegan’s work because she is an emerging woman photographer; one of the few who is exploring the urban landscape in Edmonton, which has historically been explored by men.” Eleanor Lazare, Exhibit Curator


The Images: 

What subconscious personality of the city will surface when you let it breathe? As a contemporary flâneuse, Tegan B has an incessant urge to delve into the city to explore the sticky, soft, unabashed visage that her male counterparts ignore.  The artist’s photographs give pause to visual moments in navigating walkable spaces in unwalkable cities. Tegan B, Photographer


Alley of Light Project Partners:

The City of Edmonton; Winter City Edmonton; The Works International Visual Arts Society; The Art & Design in Public Places Program; Skyline Signs; Artifacts (David & Jeong-Ae Lalonde)

Produced by: The Places – Art & Design in Public Places Program

Source: The Places – Art & Design in Public Places Program

Photo Credit: The Places