world enough, and time2017

Location: 108 STREET BETWEEN 103 AVE AND 104 AVE

world enough, and time is a three part mobile. Conceptually, the sculpture examines notions of time as not always linear, but rather simultaneous. The first sphere tells the story of Canada’s past – Earth colours of a wheat-white, soft orange and yellow with denim blue tell the unique story of movement in landscape and quiet yet determined strength. The denim blue reflects the artist’s pride in the many people who work with their hands to build this country. The middle sphere encapsulates the present, the hallmark of which is complexity. A rich red-maroon with green illustrates our contemporary concerns for the environment. The third sphere suggests hope for the future; to look up, to look beyond, to look to the stars and the planets which the artist feels are ultimately our collective human destiny. Rich black, grey, gold and silver are used on the last sphere.

Biography: Ken Macklin is one of several constructivist sculptors who emerged in Edmonton during the 1980’s. Macklin is renowned for the creation of large-scale, abstract sculptures.