5 – Leo Arcand


Location: 108 STREET BETWEEN 102 AVE AND 103 AVE

Nature’s Harmony is carved from white marble from Vancouver Island, BC. The sculpture features various forms of creation often described through traditional oral stories of animals and the elements. The Bear Spirit describes attributes such as caring and respecting each other and the medicines that grow on our Mother Earth. This Spirit is often used to describe a mother’s love for her children. The Buffalo Spirit represents courage and bravery to withstand the storms head on. The Eagle Spirit represents the ability to foresee the future in a proactive sense and approach each and every day, both through traditional and modern lifestyles. The Man, Woman and Child are family. The Man is often referred to as the provider and protector. The Woman is often described as the primary caregiver, giver of life; the teacher of humility, kindness, respect and kinship. The Child is used often to represent the future. The other side of the sculpture depicts the four elements that make up life for everyone and everything on Mother Earth – Water, Fire, Wind and Earth. Arcand translates this form of knowledge sharing into his carved sculpture.

Biography: Leo Arcand’s practice is based on the ancestral knowledge passed down to him from his father and uncle. His sculptures have many levels of meaning, but he operates on the premise of spiritual balance, respect for living things and an appreciation for all cultural beliefs.