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Location: 10148 105 St, North Exterior Wall

From the artist:

“I was super excited to be invited! They were offering a really large piece of real estate and I wanted to come correct. The wall would be the largest mural I’ve had the opportunity to paint at 91’x28′. The concept came from my love of vintage movie posters painted by the masters Bob Peak, Frank McNamara, Drew Struzen and Rock’n Jelly Bean, to name a few. Their painted and illustrated posters always had jam packed action scenes worked into an intuitive narrative about the movie. I wanted my work to have the same graphic composition. I love working with themes in my work so once I had the story of a movie poster about graffiti, the ideas started flowing. The movie “Escape into Action” is about a graffiti writer in ’70s New York City navigating the cultural landscape on his quest for fame. The mural has cops in pursuit, explosions, rival gangs, sultry vixens, and a heavy dose of graphic design. I included some movie copy at the left of the mural giving insight to the mural’s content and included my crew’s names in the credits. The mural took a total of nine days to complete and over 200 cans of Sugar Artistic Acrylic. The process had its fair share of obstacles including some rain delays and getting stuck in the lift due to local kids stealing the keys while I was up at 30′ painting. SMH… Cool heads prevailed and I’m really excited to share the finished results. Prior to arriving in Canada I spent so much time in the design stages of the mural’s concept that I produced an actual movie poster print to accompany the painted mural.”

Biography: MAST is a NYC based graffiti artist who started making a name for himself in the early ‘90s earning a reputation for coupling aggressive letters and stylized characters. His roots in graffiti and graphic design serve as the foundation as he continues to develop the illustrative vocabulary of his work in large scale murals and fine art.

Sponsors: Rust Magic International Street Mural Festival

Sources: https://blog.ironlak.com/person/mast/

Photo Credit: Linda Hoang