Public art in Edmonton flourishes thanks to the efforts of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, City of Edmonton, Edmonton Arts Council, and the Art & Design in Public Places Program (The Places) of The Works International Visual Arts Society. The ArtTourYEG series relied on the research, writing and photography of several artists and organizations. The Department of Sustainable Development of the City of Edmonton would like to acknowledge and thank the following organizations for their support. In particular, we would like to thank the following individuals for walking with us, sharing stories and assisting us write and edit the content: Candas Jane Dorsey, Ester Malzahn, Robert Houle, Jenna Chalifoux, Lan Chan Marples, Karen Jackson, Duncan Fraser, Kathryn Ivany, Miranda Jimmy, Ryan Stephens, David Holdsworth, Linda Wedman and the Works team, Eva Marie Clarke and James Rockey.

And finally, thank you to David Rauch & BetaCityYEG for the public art crowdsourcing project, OpenArtYEGthat was foundational for the ArtTourYEG Series.

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