17 Ester Malzahn -- Northern Sky-Spring - IMG_2538

Northern Sky (Freeze-Up) & Spring (Break-Up), 2013

Location: Sun Life Place (interior, above security desk)



Ryley’s lyrical tones and richly textured colour is reminiscent of a classical modernist abstraction rooted in Cubist collage and Surrealist-inspired abstraction.


These pieces are located above the entrances to the building interior on each side of the main security desk. They were commissioned specifically for the lobby of Sun Life Place.


Biography: Bryan Ryley lives and works in Vernon, B.C., Canada. Throughout his career, Ryley has worked mainly in three media – painting, drawing, and collage – but he has also made forays into sculpture and photography. He explores structural systems and serial compositions, and uses lyrical tones and richly textured colour.


Educated in New York, Ryley holds a Master of Fine Arts (Honours) 1977, from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn; a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) 1974 from the University of Victoria, in BC; and was one of the first participants and seminar leaders in the graduate program at the Whitney Museum, New York in 1976/77. Upon his return to Canada, he participated in the renowned workshops at Emma Lake, Saskatchewan (1979/80/81) working with John Elderfield, Friedl Dzubas, and Stanley Boxer.


Media: Acrylic on canvas

Source: Bryan Ryley

Photo Credit: Ester Malzahn