21 Trevor Peters “Curly” & Lizard King, Untitled, 2014

KURLY lowres

Location: Vacancy Hall in the Mercer Warehouse at 10363 – 104St.


Built in 1911, this gorgeous re-purposed building is now home to some of Edmonton’s movers and shakers in tech and design. Grab a coffee, enjoy Mercer Tavern, Rostizado Restaurant or shop in Vacancy Hall for handmade creative goods. Vacancy Hall hosts a mural by the infamous Edmonton graffiti artists Curly and Lizard King. There’s always something happening at the Mercer, and it hosts special charm that only a hundred years and a handful of ghost tales can create.

Biographies: Trevor Peters “Curly” is an artist whose main choice of medium is spray paint. He has travelled and painted in many cities around the world. In 2013, he painted his largest mural to date, a 150 x 180 ft. wall for Da Tung University in Taipei, Taiwan. As with many street artists of his generation, his style evolved from early New York City Subway graffiti art. Now, working as a fine artist, his abstract paintings are reminiscent of the raw textures found within city landscapes and explore the idea of finding beauty in decrepit environments.

Lizard King is known as Edmonton’s first recognized graffiti artist. In the 1980s he painted colourful New York-style graffiti along the LRT line. His most celebrated piece was a Mickey Mouse mural from the movie ‘Fantasia’. King still retains a love for the craft and paints as often as he can.

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